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Anticorrosion strategy for oil casing

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Anticorrosion strategy for oil casing
Anticorrosion strategy for oil casing

1, first of all grasp the water quality standards, strict water quality testing and management. The implementation of clean-up and dispensing, to strengthen the cleaning of the main water pipelines, so that the station, bottom water quality standards, reduce corrosion sources into the annular space.

2, the injection wells have been put into operation, to take sterilization sterilization mainly ring protective solution, and the formation of the system, regular dosing.

3. In view of the mechanical abrasion accelerating the corrosion of the oil casing, it is suggested to add a rubber ring on the tubing coupling or to add a centralizer in the serious part of the well to prevent the tubing from scratching the casing during the operation and during water injection. One side of the sleeve.

4, for the scale of bacteria under severe corrosion and SRB slow growth and kill at high temperatures, the cyclone can be injected into the annular space of 100 degrees Celsius water or steam to kill the dirty SRB.

5. It is not recommended to promote the use of cathodic protection and coating casing before the injection well casing corrosion is not effectively controlled.

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