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Good quality Non-API Products for sales
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china Oil Country Tubular Goods(OCTG)
china Oil Country Tubular Goods(OCTG)


Petroleum casing collars and insulation pipe performance
The range of temperature that the oil casing collar can adapt to is -185—95 degrees Celsius. The texture of this insulation material is also relatively soft. In order to increase this strong hardness, a layer of anti-corrosion coating is generally applied on the outside of the insulation layer. Can be called oil casing coupling. In small and medium-diameter oil pipelines, in order to reduce heat dissipation from the pipeline to the soil, a composite layer of thermal insulation and corrosion protection is added to the outside of the pipeline. This is also beneficial to prevent groundwater from penetrating into the thermal insulation layer and cause unnecessary economic losses. The anticorrosion layer is generally made of polyethylene material, and this antiseptic material is odorless, nontoxic, and feels like wax. Has good low temperature resistance, the minimum temperature can reach -70-100 degrees Celsius, can resist the erosion of most of the acid and alkali, is not soluble in common solvents at room temperature, water absorption is relatively small, but because it is a linear molecule, or It can be slowly dissolved in some organic solvents, and it is not prone to swell, and the electrical insulation properties are also relatively good.
Insulation layer structure of insulating oil casing collar:
1, glass wool insulation
Glass wool is a category of glass fibers and is a type of artificial inorganic fiber. Glass wool is a material that melts glass fiber to form a cotton-like material. Its chemical composition is glass. It is an inorganic fiber. It has a good shape, small bulk density, high thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, good sound absorption, and corrosion resistance. Decoration, chemical stability. Generally used in high-temperature steam insulation pipe, steel jacket steel insulation pipe, insulation oil casing coupling.
2, polyurethane foam insulation
Polyurethane foam is a kind of special polyurethane product filled with polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst and other components in pressure aerosol cans. When the material is sprayed from the aerosol can, the foamed polyurethane material will rapidly expand and react with air or the moisture in the contacted matrix to form a foam. Cured foam has a variety of effects such as caulking, bonding, sealing, heat insulation, sound absorption, etc. It is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and easy-to-use building material that can be used for sealing and plugging, filling in air and repairing joints, fixing and bonding, and heat preservation. Soundproofing is especially suitable for sealing and waterproofing between steel or aluminum alloy doors and windows and walls. Wide range of use, low cost!

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