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Couplings utilize structural characteristics for relative motion

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Couplings utilize structural characteristics for relative motion
Couplings utilize structural characteristics for relative motion



Flexible Couplings (Elastic Couplings with Metal Elastic Components and Elastic Couplings with Non-Metallic Elastic Components) are mainly used to install the elastic components in the coupling. The main component and the follower are the deformation or clearance of the elastic component. The two halves of the coupling produce relative motion to achieve local compensation. The damping of the elastic element allows the elastic coupling to act as a buffer and damper.

Couplings have different degrees of axial, radial and angular allowable compensation. In the past, flexible couplings for inelastic components, which were called rigid movable couplings, were mainly used for their structural characteristics. The shaft relative to the movable element causes relative motion of the two coupling halves. The allowable compensation amount of the coupling refers to the two axes formed by various factors such as the manufacturing error of the coupling, installation error, impact caused by the load change during operation, vibration, seat sinking, temperature change, and bearing wear. Relative offset compensation capability, not allowable installation error, installation error should be less than the specified allowable compensation amount, generally not more than one half of the compensation amount. Has been formulated as a standard flexible coupling and elastic coupling compensation. Couplings are used with a variety of different host products.


The surrounding work environment is relatively complex, such as temperature, humidity, water, steam, dust, sand, oil, acid, and alkali media. It is not advisable to use general rubber as the elastic component. Flexible Couplings for Materials, Flexible Couplings for Metal Components


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