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The role of oil screen

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The role of oil screen
The role of oil screen

The main function of the oil screen is sand control, due to the oil in the oil wells where the geological and sand layers used by the different steel grades and types. In oil drilling operations, sieve pipe is an important equipment, often using pre-completion or oil sand control.

Currently, the use of more screen is around the wire screen. The sieve is manufactured by winding a wire of a certain cross-section on a metal liner uniformly distributed on a sieve rod or an open hole, and welding the wire with a certain gap as a sieve hole. Although this method of manufacture has been used by many manufacturers in China, there are some problems with this type of screen pipe when it goes down, especially when it is forced to bend through a bend or a horizontal well, it inevitably needs to be connected with a well wall or a sleeve Tube collision, extrusion and friction, prone to "chaos silk" phenomenon, causing screen damage or gap deformation, resulting in completion of the quality and control of sand reduction or failure, in view of this shortcoming around the wire screen, pipe, seam one The slotted screen appeared.

Due to its excellent performance and low cost, slotted screens have been widely adopted by all major oil fields since they appeared. It can be seen that the appearance of slotted screens provides the material conditions for the development of horizontal wells and lateral wells and for the oil recovery of high sand reservoirs.

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