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What are the superior performance of oil casing

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What are the superior performance of oil casing
What are the superior performance of oil casing

For industrial applications of oil casing has its own performance, which is not only very superior, but also a very wide range of applications. Here, professionals for the basic superior performance of the oil casing for everyone to introduce, I hope can help you.

Oil filter pipe appears punched position, but also along the axis of the steel body in the direction of movement, but also can be used to carry out straight seam welding, if it is the way to carry out the structure and distribution of spiral, then it is best to use the spiral In the form of welding, in which case, not only can play the performance of the oil casing, but also can improve the strength of the oil casing. However, many times in the course of work, due to the partial extrusion of the oil casing, the oil casing is subjected to the external pressure to promote the reduction of the clearance or the closing condition. This is mainly done to prevent the performance of the sand control. Second, the industry for the use of oil casing, casing for drilling, through the inner wall of the support, so that this process can work well, its main role is that the oil casing can well maintain the normal operation of the well , Usually when used, due to the different work place, so the pressure is not the same, the main oil casing used in the pipe body.

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