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Improvement design and procedural rules for coupling pin device

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Improvement design and procedural rules for coupling pin device
Improvement design and procedural rules for coupling pin device


No holes on the outer surfaces of all coupling products are allowed to leave the factory with sand holes. No matter whether the lathes, milling machines, drill presses, or other parts are found, the air holes in the workpiece must be promptly reported to the workshop director. The shaft holes and workpieces that are not subjected to painting treatment, such as workpieces, are only required. Black office.
The elastic pin coupling consists of two halves, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft. The elastic pin coupling is used to connect two shafts (active shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms to rotate together to transmit the torque of the mechanical parts. In high-speed and heavy-duty power transmissions, some couplings also have the effect of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting. Most of the general power machines are connected to the working machine by means of a coupling.
For the problems existing in the original standard design, the author has improved the design of the LX-type elastic pin-pin coupling. described as follows:
1. The flange hole of the left half coupling is designed as a through-diameter through hole, thus eliminating the original design of the left side baffle. When replacing the pin, the old pin can be pushed out through the hole from left to right.
2. Process the inner side of the right half coupling into a "fancy" stop pin structure. That is, a groove is machined inside the flange. The groove is located at the center of the peripheral diameter of the flange hole, and has a width of 4 mm and a depth of about 8 mm.
When replacing the new pin, use 12#~14# iron wire to make a roundabout in the groove, and then play the role of stop pin, replacing the original baffle.
In the field, it is also possible to retrofit existing LX-type elastic pin-pin couplings. That is, the workpieces similar to the "fancy" retaining pin structure on the inner side of the flange are welded to the original coupling, and will not be described here.
Couplings are components that couple the two shafts axially and transmit torque and motion and have a certain ability to compensate for misalignment of the two axes. On this basis, the coupling must be concentric. From the mechanical point of view, the coupling is subjected to force, and the motor drives the coupling to rotate after power is applied, and then the coupling drives the equipment to rotate. For the coupling, concentricity is very important. It will affect the motor, etc. Couplings are used in mechanical transmission to reduce the vibration of the mechanical transmission system and reduce the impact spike load. They must also have a certain cushioning and shock absorption performance, and sometimes they also have overload safety protection function. The coupling is concentric and the motor power consumption is normal. The transmission efficiency will be very high; if the coupling loss of power at the time of non-concentricity increases, the transmission efficiency will decrease and the current of the motor will naturally increase, which will eventually lead to the possibility of the motor being burned out.

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